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In the incentive field, Thailand is probably the ideal formula, to practice stimulation in enterprises on a large scale. At the request of companies seeking to set up a significant marketing operation, Asia Sensations Travel ltd., Part has proposed an original concept by adding to it, at each stopover, its own animations. Thanks to the conceived activities and their installation, the travellers have appreciated to be put out of their usual environment and of the traditional way used to make new contacts.

Our strategies is provide personalize service in your mark of receiving your clients, even with your personal attentions such as: a warm local welcome present, a t-shirt, fruits, a bouquet of flowers, special cocktails or even a privatelimousine, invitation to spectacles or tours, special dinner, spa or massage...Etc.

You want to develop your company? to launch a new product? to transmit a strong message?. You wish to gather a few tens, a few hundreds, even a thousand of guests?. We propose to plan all your services, all your events and to create on your behalf and in your name all thematic activities

Asia Sensations Travel co.,Ltd

    What we Propose for the Incentive groups:

  • 1. To select the sites in adequacy with your communication and your goals,
  • 2. To built the events,
  • 3. To planify,
  • 4. To Coordinate the various service providers,
  • 5. To manage the invitations, the inscriptions, the pre- and post congress and pre- and post seminars.

    We offer you know-how:

  • 1. To create the right tone, adapted to your operation,
  • 2. To conceive an original scenario that will be engraved in the partcipants memory

    We build your operation relying on:

  • 1. A precise and detailed file,
  • 2. One or more locations, where each service prestation is analysed, where each detail has importance,
  • 3. A head of project dedicated to your operation,
  • 4. A welded, dynamic and impassionated team.

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